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Design InSite

Looking for design guidance suited for YOUR lifestyle?

You've come to the right place!


The Design InSite Package creates a design foundation for your interiors by uncovering the core aspects of how you want to live & express yourself within your environment to start living in a space that is truly JUST FOR YOU! 

Design InSite Packages:

SINGLE 75-MINUTE DESIGN CONSULTATION (take photos of space, brainstorm ideas, ..) *WHAT DO THEY GET WITH THIS?




75-MINUTE DESIGN CONSULTATION: During the consultation, we'll review your interior spaces (up to 1,200 sq ft), define how you are currently using the areas, and clarify how they can best work for your lifestyle. We'll brainstorm ideas on how your environment can reflect more of your personal style and how it can function better for your unique needs. I'll also provide you with the tools and resources to continue making educated design decisions that will best serve you and your space in the future.


A DETAILED SUMMARY: After the design consultation, I'll send you an e-mailed summary of the key concepts that apply to your unique interiors, visuals of design ideas & furniture forms that work for your spaces, and teachings of important & helpful design elements.


5 FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS: If you have any inquiries after the design consultation, I'd be happy to answer up to five e-mailed questions regarding the interior spaces that were covered during our session together.


$275 / Package*

*Currently accepting cash or check only. Travel fees waived for all consultation site visits in the Metro Boston area, all other areas subject to travel fees. Package price includes design services covering up to 1,200 sq ft of interior space. Advice, consulting, design services, and site visits not included in package will be charged as additional service fees. - *** add this to email - not web page***

Ready to get started on a Design InSite Package for YOU? Have questions about the package?

Reach me here:

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